3 reasons why Digital Publishing smash the Fr Market

As technology continues to evolve, new terminals are coming day by day in the market. They are becoming more developed and faster. The smartphone, tablet and other interactive terminals that display many colors then become more and more numerous. This is what promotes the dissemination of information from the digital publishing. The latter becomes the new broadcast channel for any company and professionals of publication. If one speaks only of France, a study was recently conducted showing that the digital edition will weigh by 2017 in € 269 million to a minimum and may even reach € 527 million to the fullest. A case rather tempting as it would represent in 6.5% of the book market turnover. For last year the ebook readers remained at 15% with a good stabilization of the market. The sector is therefore constantly evolving and still continue this strong growth in the coming years. Remember that print in digital is one of these entertaining that attract lots of people. It is easier to handle and is cheapier more than a normal book.

Why the Digital Publishing smash the Fr Market ?

Digital publishing is increasingly popular in France because it can be read at any time and by anyone. It allows publishers and authors to reach different audiences all over the internet and any time without any border.

It is also very accessible because everyone can get the works they prefer in any online bookseller without discrimination from their smartphone, tablet, on her or his computer. The author may also benefit from a totally rapid commercialization or even large scale.

The digital publication also establishes direct links between the shop and the website if you have one, while avoiding any obsolescence in digital print. Know that you can also create a page dedicated to your books on social networks like Facebook, for example, or create a blog so that each reader can follow in real time your new products and your news.